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The Woman Upstairs (2018)

Genre: Semi
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NONTON FILM INDO Movie –  Unemployed Do Hwan (Park Won Bin) who lives off stock investments is suffering from a riddling noise ever since In Kyeong (Yuri Seo) moved in upstairs. He can’t work or sleep and gets misunderstood by In Kyeong as a perverted psycho but he falls for her more and more.Streaming 21 Download semi korea. Hwa Jin, who has a crush on Do Hwan, finds out that In Kyeong is a medium and spreads the word. Do Hwan decides to help In Kyeong who is about to get kicked out.Streaming 21 Download The two of them are drawn to each other and start an investment guide towards the apartment residents. However, when In Kyeong fails to make anymore predictions they are once again faced with a wall .Streaming 21 Download, Streaming 21 Online,nonton movie terbaru,movie indo online,

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